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Tech Solutions In The Tourism Industry
Tech Solutions In The Tourism Industry

The changes that came up in technology over the years have always reflected in the tourism industry. The love of millennials for travel and their keen interest in technology has brought a change in the culture of planning vacations.  People mostly prefer searching up the internet for exotic locations, cheaper rates and attractive travel packages.

Here are some tech solutions that are important in the travel industry.

Mobile Technology

We are no longer dependent on desktops and laptops alone for surfing the internet with the emergence and widespread impact of mobile technology and with this change, we have begun discovering new ways of travel. According to a study by TripAdvisor,  45% of users depend on their smartphones to do everything relating to their vacations. Tourism industries have to design their services in ways that make them compatible with mobile technology.

Internet of Things

IoT has become a major influence in the tech industry and its influence is evident in different industries that are connected to our lives in one or the other way. Tourism is no exception. Some of the IoT updates in the tourism industry include the integration of sensors to internet-inside things like cars, buildings, suitcases, and more.

Some hotels provide their clients with an app that allows them to control the electronic gadgets in the room and interact with the room’s thermostat. Suitcases can be fitted with devices that let the users trace them with their cell phones.

Big Data

Big Data hasn’t become very popular yet in the tourism industry but many industry players have found innovative ways to make the best use out of it. Hotels can collect the information about their guests including the amount they have spent, their nationality and reason for the trip and cross-check it with public data available in government sources. This way, they can develop valuable customer profiles and launch more targeted campaigns.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality have not stayed back from entering the travel world. To attract the users to their travel campaigns, more companies are implementing AR and VR techniques to virtually take the users to the travel destinations they will love.


Blockchain technology has been talked about a lot in the finance industry but it has an impact on travel as well.

The tourism industry hasn’t experimented much with blockchain technology but it can be used to identify passengers at the airport and to guarantee easier and secure payments.

If you own a travel business and stay adamant about sticking to old and outdated business strategies, you are probably reaching nowhere near your business goal. Remain updated about changes in the tech world and adopt features that you find relevant for your business. The perfect blend of travel and technology promises faster accomplishment of your key business goals.

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