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Information Technology Infrastructure
Information Technology Infrastructure
Information Technology Infrastructure

Information technology infrastructure is required for the effective functioning of IT services. This includes all the hardware, software, networks, and other equipment required for developing, testing, controlling, monitoring, and supporting IT services. Some companies provide both IT services and set up IT infrastructure, while others provide either of the two. You must also know that IT services documentation, process, and people associated with it are not part of the infrastructure. If you are someone interested in knowing about IT infrastructure, look no further; shared below are details about it.

IT Information Technology Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure is made up of different components, and they are the following:

  • Switching
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Servers
  • Physical plant
  • Server rooms or data center


A network switch is a device that connects different network devices over the Local Area Network (LAN). A switch has several ports that are used to connect other network devices like routers, switches, and servers to it. It allows two devices to communicate with each other without having to forward the communication to other devices on the network.


Routers allow the transfer of data between devices on two different LANs. You must know that the default gateway value in the IP address configuration of a workstation is that of your router.


In information technology infrastructure firewalls are security devices installed at the edge of the network as a guardian or gatekeeper. According to a defined set of rules, it allows a specific type of traffic inside the network, while others are blocked. In a simple version of a firewall, rules can be created for traffic through a port or protocol from one device or group of devices to another device or group of devices. Also, different firewall devices manage traffic into the network in different ways.


A server is the most important component of an information technology infrastructure. It is a computer, but with higher hardware resources than a typical one used for personal purposes. In an IT network, users access it to share resources, and there are different types of it.

  • A file server is used as a centralized location to store files.
  • A directory server is used as a central database to store user details and the management of user accounts.
  • Web servers can be accessed through a web browser, and the most popular example is the web hosting server.

Other forms of servers include a database server, application server, print server, etc.

Physical Plant

The physical plant is the cabling used for linking different components of an information technology infrastructure.

Server Rooms Or Data Center

The server room or data center is where the servers along with other critical components of an information technology infrastructure are located.

For the efficient performance of IT information technology services, compatible software is also required.

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