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With the world and businesses all over shifting towards a paperless digital form of storage and transfer of data has created to routes for problems to sprout up. Undoubtedly this new age technology is one of the best ways to interact and get information across. But if done wrong, can lead to a host of problems that will end up harming your business for years to come. In this day and age of cut throat competition, you re simply one slip away from complete irrelevance!

We have listed down a couple of things you should know pertaining to your data’s security, so read on!

  • Mobiles Phones Can Be The Reason For Major Security Breaches

While the ease and flexibility that mobile phones provide on the go is definitely helpful, these devices have the potential of becoming breach hotspots. In the hands of the right person, information can be extracted easily by means of theft or hacking

  • Internet Of Things (IoT) Will Open Up New Breaches And Security Challenges

With the advent of devices being able to communicate amongst themselves and information being sent, received and analysed in real time, it makes it all the more challenging to close in those security holes that could mostly prop up. You will require great expertise to be able to check these breaches and take corrective measures.

  • A Cyber-Attack Will Cause Your Customers To Lose Their Trust

The minute it comes up in the media that your company’s computer information technologysystems have been compromised, you will instantly lose your customers trust. That is a given! This especially makes sense for those companies that have confidential information regarding the customer’s finances. It will difficult for the company to recover the lost information and save face!

  • Poor Email Security Acts As A Major Threat

Not having the right security measures pertaining to email management will make it all the more easier for malicious people to find their way into your system via a half minded employee. This act can draw out confidential information pertaining to the company by means of installing a malware or by means of redirecting it to a compromised domain instead.

  • Don’t Cut Out On Encryption

Encryption is a way in which you make your information look like gibberish to the wrong person. This is a way to prevent outsiders to peek into the confidential information of your company. Even if they do manage to get their hands on it, with a strong encryption that information is hidden and useless!

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