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Here is an information technology manager’s guide on ways to become better at what IT people do, however, experienced they are. To achieve that goal, you must develop these skills.

Be Able To Troubleshoot Basic Computer Problems

You need not be a specialist and know how to hack the registry or set a CPU to make it run at speeds that are higher than its official speed grade. If you are into IT, however, others expect you to have the capability to perform some tasks. These can be ways to add a network interface card, map a printer or back up files.

Basic Networking Skills

Whether you are an admin, network engineer, business analyst or help desk technician, you should understand the way networks work as well as simple troubleshooting. You have to understand what DNS is and ways to check it; how to ping; plus, how to trace-route machines.

Basic System Administration Skills

Be aware of access levels, file permissions and why machines communicate with the domain controllers. Although you need not be an expert, understanding the basics will help avoid headaches in the future.

Public Speaking Skill

At least one time, you have to present a matter to your fellow workers. The topic can be a short tutorial on how instant messaging works, but you must be comfortable explaining something in front of others. If you are tense, team up with somebody who is adept at doing this, or conduct a roundtable. Thus, when you get flustered, somebody is available to help you.

Understand How Latency and Bandwidth Differs

Latency and bandwidth are related but are two different things. The former refers to the time it takes for data packets to go from one node to the other, and the latter alludes to the maximum data which a network can carry. A network with high bandwidth use can make latency to increase; however, if it is not full, then adding extra bandwidth cannot reduce latency.

Be Able To Work at the Help Desk

Everybody, including the chief information officer and senior architect, has to have the patience and be able to take the phones at their company help desk. By doing this, you will gain an appreciation for those on the phones, will educate them more things concerning your process and will avoid escalations.

Train Somebody

There is no better way to refresh your knowledge than to teach it. So you must have the ability to pass on whatever you know to others.

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