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Let me paint a picture for you- you sit in your cabin sifting through files on your computer and you know of an intruder who has managed to extract prospective client details, the same details that you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars through online and traditional marketing for. The details would now be in the hands of your competitors who just walked in and took what they wanted. That does sound unreasonable.

The same way you need a security detail for you store, you require information and technology (IT) security for the digital aspect of your business!

The Need For IT Security

Hackers are finding newer and more innovative ways of breaching through your cyber defences and your digital assets are at a surmountable risk of being stolen! Now it is a given that setting up IT security and investing in a IT security infrastructure can be brutal on the wallet, but there is no denying the dent large breaches leave on small companies. Most of the time, small companies never recover from such an ‘incident’.

What Could IT Security Possibly Be Threatened From?

The threat comes in so many different forms. Of the lot, the most frequently occurring would have to be malwares that could come in different variations It could be ransomware, viruses and spyware.

The Different Facets Of IT Security

  • Internet Security

The security, as the name suggests, is for the protection of information and to and fro transfer of data via the internet browser. This can be extended to web-based applications as well. The protection involves closely monitoring the incoming internet traffic and activity for any sort of malware. The way in which internet security is enforced may be through antispyware, firewalls and antimalware softwares.

  • Network Security

This is the security that is enforced within the company’s internal or external network. It prevents integrity, reliability and usability of the network to be compromised. The type of security is to prevent hackers from accessing data within the network. This is extremely vital as key data is being stored as well as shared within the network. A breach would be catastrophic!

  • Endpoint Security

It is the security at a device level-phones, laptops, desktops, tablet etc. This security prevents your devices from welcoming malicious softwares into the network that fatally threatens the digital framework of the organisation.

  • Cloud Security

With data being moved to the cloud, the safe connection of the user to the cloud server is vital. Cloud security is a way to secure the public cloud and the software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Let us conclude by saying this; investment in security systems for information technology in business, or be ready to risk it all in the near future.

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