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The problem with today’s information technology industry is the growing threat from cybercriminals. As knowledge evolves, so do defense methods for information security. When those methods grow, attack techniques become much more sophisticated than ever before. What are the threats to IT security? There are many to name, but for the time being, let us discuss the main ones which the IT industry is facing today.

Small Time Schemes

There is a misconception that every hacker is a corporate-level one. There are some very organized hacking circles out there, but not all planned for a massive con job. The majority of hackers try pulling off small-time schemes to become rich fast. They are after others’ hard-earned money and do unsightly tasks like fake credit card transactions, money laundering and more.

Intellectual Property Theft

Usually, information technology security professionals will need to handle malicious hackers, who plan to steal intangible property like copyrights, to name one. Usually, hackers break into your assets, ineffective passwords, and take confidential information. Ultimately, their goal is to remain in your network for as long as they can and collect as much information as possible.


This refers to the act of exploiting a network or computer for either a politically or socially driven cause. Those who do this, hacktivists, do not stay silent on their exploits. As hacktivism is designed to bring about monetary pain, financial institutions will have to be particularly wary. There are countless examples of this, and some groups have been active in hacktivism for years now.

Malware Threats

This threat is interesting because malware programmers are part of the groups who cause it to appear. They do not commit the crimes, but by designing the malware, they give others a chance to commit the same. There are teams devoted to custom designing malware, created to bypass or eliminate tough security measures.


These are numerous interrelated pieces of hardware, each of which runs bots. Bots are automated programs with the capability to interact with users. One no longer needs to have the capability to program to make a botnet. Nowadays, botnet owners can rent out their service to users, which in essence, turn any person into a wannabe hacker.

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