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Cloud Computing Applications

Media and entertainment companies like publishing, broadcasting, sports and music make use of cloud computing applications to improve their operating efficiency. More than 73% of the companies run at least one application in the cloud. This is because of the advantages that cloud computing and storage offers, as well as to keep up with competition and the times. This is especially true for the media content that we produce, watch online, stream or download to our devices. This primer will look in detail at what the future of cloud computing application in the entertainment and media industry is.

The Advantages Of Cloud Computing Applications In Entertainment And Media Industry

Cloud computing applications are now an inevitable part of the digital media sphere. Even though the entertainment and media industry were the first to realize the disruptive power of digital media powered by cloud services over the traditional medium, they were slow to adapt. As the consumers in the form of digital audience became more demanding, they were forced to switch over to non linear models of content delivery in the form of OTT and streaming services. Also, the audiences were becoming fragmented in the type of content they consumed like music, sports, digital publishing or the digital counterparts of the traditional media. And the only way to implement them is through cloud computing applications.

The Benefit

The main benefit of shifting to this cloud infrastructure is the requirement of minimal in-house infrastructure that can be complemented with cloud services. Besides, the cloud services offer the advantage of scalability, flexibility and speedier market delivery. Also, when there is a requirement for scaling up, the times required for unavoidable down time is very minimum compared to upgrading the in-house infrastructure. Last but not least, the amount of scalability can be almost infinite because they are done on virtual machines.

The Implications

The implications of the benefits mentioned above are both in-house as well as on the customer front. When you consider the in-house factors, the entertainment and media industry can accommodate creatives that are spread through different geographic locations to associate on a project through cloud computing. Also the digital information technology advances has helped these companies to deliver on higher quality audio and video demands, increasing consumer demands, live data streams and an overall improvement in the quality of digital content delivered. Besides, there is an indirect improvement in the efficiency of production, distribution, finance and marketing of the digital media content.

Therefore, cloud computing applications have caused an improvement in the quality of entertainment and media services.

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