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Modern Food Technology

Food is one of the basic requirements of humans and living beings. Similarly, thirst is not the only factor driving us to drink. We, humans, are beings who cannot survive with very less drinks unlike camels or cactus. The most commonly used varieties of drinks include milk, plain drinking water, juices, etc. 

Plants are the central source of food and beverages for all beings and as they are natural preserving them is difficult. Different types of food technology were needed to keep the food and drinks safe from bacteria and microorganisms, which readily feast and proliferate on a nutritious medium. 

The different requirements of technologies in food and beverages industry are explained below:

  1. Production: Manufacturers need technological assistance to produce more food efficiently and improve their shelf life. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, agricultural machinery, etc are used to increase food production. Many innovative automation technologies also help the rate of productivity and delivery expectations of a manufacturer. 
  2. Quality Service: To ensure food safety and its affordability with consistent quality, we need to use more machines and software. The importance of modern food technology for manufacturers continues to grow as the quality requirement is one of the buyer’s demands.
  3. Preservation: Food and beverage need careful systematic study, investigation and information for their preservation. Thermal processing technologies like microwave and ohmic heating or non-thermal processing like High-Pressure Processing and Pulsed Electric Field can be used to preserve food without losing their taste, appearance and nutritional properties.
  4. Packing: Food packaging is an essential requirement for preserving quality, minimizing wastage and reducing preservatives. It plays an important function in containing the food by protecting it from chemical and physical damages along with providing the required information to consumers and marketers.
  5. Transportation And Distribution: Storage and transportation allow food products to reach different stages of the supply chain. There are so many popular technologies available nowadays such as warehouse management systems and automatic guided vehicles. 
  6. Customer Demand: Customers also need the easiest procedure to locate the food and beverages from the stores. Most of the stores might have segregated their product in stipulated spaces with the help of modern technologies. There are a lot of applications to order food and beverages from famous restaurants directly at our doorsteps.  

In a nutshell, in the food and beverage industry, humans have invented new age technology that are suitable for manufacturing, preservation, storage, transportation and distribution by protecting their nutritional value and health.

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