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The term Health Information Technology is often used to describe technology and infrastructure that are used to record, analyze, and share the data regarding a patients’ health. Many technologies usually include forms of health record systems like personal health tools (applications and smart devices), electronics and paper. These technologies also use various communities for discussing and sharing information.

The main purpose of health information technology is to provide improved care for patients and to help them to achieve health equity. Health information technology also helps in recording the data of patients for improving healthcare delivery. Health information technology also supports the analysis of the information for healthcare practitioners as well as the ministry of health. All the collected data can be used for implementing the policies which help in providing better treatment for patients.

Health information technology is very beneficial in improving the overall quality of healthcare delivery, decreases medical errors and prevents it from happening to an extent, increases the safety of patients and the interaction between the patients and healthcare providers. The need for affordable and reliable medical record software is necessary than anything else in healthcare centers, especially for low and middle-income countries.

The use of health information technology in medical centers often improves the quality of healthcare to a great extent and it is been delivered by providing correct records of the patients. This allows doctors to understand the medical history of their patients in a better way.

Getting comprehensive medical data and history helps doctors to treat patients more accurately and also to prevent overprescribing medications that can sometimes be fatal. The absence of proper medical records often forces doctors to depend on the memory of the patient that has the chance to lead to incorrect medical history due to problems such as poor memory, forgetfulness, etc.

Many patients who suffer from ailments and diseases often benefit directly from health information technology because of the improved level of healthcare. There are a lot of advantages for electronic health records and it improves all the aspects of health care such as patient-centeredness, safety, effectiveness, timeliness, communication, equity, education, and so on.

There are many open communities like Open MRS that brings highly skilled software developers, organizers, medical and healthcare staff and implementers from all over the world together to work collaboratively in developing the software support healthcare for the medical industry.  Most of these communities will be having more than a thousand members who work collectively for the wellbeing of the people.

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