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Types Of Wireless Network
Types Of Wireless Network
Types Of Wireless Network

Wi-Fi enables accessing the internet on many different kinds of devices from any place that has sufficiently strong signals. Even today’s television sets have Wi-Fi capability. For this reason, many different types of wireless network is very common in today’s world. Most residences, business environments, and government workplaces have at least one wireless network for convenient and easy access to the internet. So, a Wi-Fi scanner has a useful role to play in these environments alongside other types of technology. Read on to know more about Wi-Fi scanners.

Understanding A Wi-Fi Scanner

The phrase ‘Wi-Fi scanner’ refers to a tool, which enables discovering the details associated with nearby wireless networks. While many scanners are programs, there also exist hardware implementations with the functionality identical to the former. In certain cases, a physical hardware unit is perhaps more convenient when compared to a software program that can be of use only through a computer.

What Can Be Gained Through It?

Much information about surrounding wireless networks is obtainable through the scanner that comes as a software program in the market. This tool can not only scan the environment but it can also detect the existence of wireless networks. When starting up the program, it will discover and list every wireless network available in the range of the wireless antenna of your system.

The Usefulness Of Wi-Fi Scanners

There exist numerous reasons why you might wish to utilize the program, and those include the following.

To Locate Available Wireless Networks

With the scanner, it is possible to find the networks that are in the range of the device you use. Is it an open-type network? If yes, you could utilize the scanner for access to that network. Scanning for networks from your place of work or accommodation will reveal wireless signals that are in the coverage area, plus it is likely to affect your network performance.

To Optimize A Wireless Network

Doing a methodical and periodical scan of the coverage area of your wireless network can play a part in making it perform maximum effectively. You may find out that environmental changes have affected areas where strong wireless signals were available. Scanning will enable adjusting both your router location and access points so that the network performance can be optimized. You may discover that nearby wireless networks use the channel identical to yours, and just a small change is likely to produce a considerable difference in your wireless network speed.

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